Best Eggs Ever

Super Short Sunday Post:

I was craving a breakfast burrito this morning, but I wanted to get the eggs right.

I hate eggs, very much. If I need to eat them they have to be scorching hot and right off the pan – basically so hot that I’m too focused on the heat to taste anything.

The only eggs I remember really enjoying were the ones my Grandma made when I was a kid. Somehow they were the smoothest, creamiest eggs and utterly delicious. I’ve been trying my whole adult life thus far to duplicate those eggs.

Today, I did thanks to this amazing How-To from The Kitchn

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 11.31.12 AM

Step by Step directions via The Kitchn

They were perfect all the way down to the smell. Buttery and sweet.

Try them tomorrow and impress your family!



Note: I did not add any milk to this process, so don’t feel like you need to either.