Little Shop of Groceries

Who loves to try new foodie things?

Me too!

One thing I kept waiting to try was a charming little grocery store I had heard of. Finally, I decided to pop in yesterday for a visit and (hopefully) a good cheese.

Cookbook LA is the teeniest little store I ever did see. It sits between a few other boutique shops on Echo Park Ave. in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California. Honestly, if you blink while walking or driving past it – you may miss it. So PLEASE for Heaven’s sake, don’t blink.

Upon entering, I was surprised by how small the store is. But this discovery made me giddy! Can you imagine the curating that goes into a store like this? The owner and buyer must work diligently to find only the best and tastiest produce and pantry items.

I had salmon in the fridge at home and wanted something to pair with it. I bought some gorgeous little red potatoes – just enough for a meal for 2 and some leftovers for breakfast.IMG_5652

Brian wanted to try a cheese (okay, so did I), so we asked one of the young employees what her favorite was. She suggested Brebirousse d’Argental, a french soft melty-brie-like cheese made from sheep milk. That stuff was incredible. A people-pleaser cheese that will cause “mmmm’s” to come from the mouths of your guests. The orange-y gold outer rind looks like a vintage pillow and when you cut into it and expose the inner goodness… oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

We also got a salami from Portland’s CHOP BUTCHERY & CHARCUTERIE. We opted for the Abruzzo which has a slightly spicy, full flavor. Highly recommend.

Here’s a picture of our half eaten haul…


I can’t wait to go back and grab more goodies from these guys. They specialize in local and seasonal produce, boutique chocolates and coffee, and even some freshly prepared foods and gift items like these adorable little cups.

Hop to it!


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