A New Tradition: Homemade Pizza Night

I got it in my head yesterday that I wanted to make homemade pizza and I wanted to use the fresh sage from my tiny herb garden. We also had this amazing Italian truffle cheese in the fridge. I’ve been obsessed with that cheese since we bought it and I thought it’d be great on pizza.

I ran to Trader Joe’s to pick up some ingredients (including their dough because why try to improve what’s already good and easy?).

What I came up with was a sweet and savory, buttery and crispy pizza that has me drooling as I type. There is something about the truffle flavor that gets me in a tizzy. Mesh that with some sage and oh my gosh caramelized onions. HEAVEN. Then top it with a little Prosciutto and BAM – favorite pizza ever.

Let me tell you, I have not stopped hearing Brian talk about this pizza. He said he woke up thinking about it.

Without further ado…!


First, we gotta prep the onions and get those cookin’. I used one yellow onion for this pizza and it was plenty. Cut onion(s) into strips from top to root or dice. Heat butter in pan on Medium heat and toss in the onions, stir to coat them with the butter. Stir every 3-5 minutes – it will take a while for them to caramelize so while they’re cooking start prepping everything else. Eventually, you’ll start to see dark residue on the pan. This is the fond. Add a little water to the pan (2 tbsp) and scrape the fond off the pan and stir into onions. This is what helps give the onions rich flavor and color. For more info on caramelizing onions click here.

I used Trader Joe’s Wheat dough but here’s a good how-to if you want to make your own. For the TJ’s dough, let it sit at room temp for about 30 min. Preheat your oven to at least 450º (the higher the better – I did 475º) for 30 min. Lightly dust your work surface (I used a wood cutting board) with flour. Stretch and pull the dough into desired shape and transfer to your pizza stone or a flat rimless baking sheet. Brush entire surface of dough with the truffle oil and sprinkle with sea salt. I then par-baked the dough for 3 minutes while I finished up the onions.

I layered on the onions and cheese (for the cheese I cut cubes of fontina and Italian Truffle cheese and spread evenly). Then I baked the pizza for 8 minutes.

During these 8 minutes I melted about 1 1/2 tbsp of salted butter until it began turning brown and added the sage. The sage fried until crispy.
I also tore a slice of prosciutto into small pieces.

After the 8 minutes I drizzled the butter & sage sauce over the entire pizza (especially the crust!) and added the prosciutto. Then cooked it for 3 more minutes in the oven.


Then it was ready to eat!


For being a fairly involved recipe, it was easy. I was able to sip my wine and take bites of cracker and truffle cheese (just can’t get enough) while I cooked.
We also had no leftovers. 😦

Here’s the recipe. Post your comments and questions below!

1 yellow or red onion
4 tbsp butter, divided
Pizza dough of your choice
1 tbsp Truffle Oil
Sea Salt to taste
8+ Sage leaves
1/4 cup cubed fontina cheese
1/4 cup Italian truffle cheese
Small handful of proscuitto, torn

1. Preheat oven to 475º for 30 min.

2. While oven is preheating, melt 2 tbsp butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Cut 1 onion into slices and toss in the melted butter. Let cook, stirring & deglazing fond occasionally, until caramelized to your liking.

3. Flatten and shape dough on a lightly floured surface. Season crust with truffle oil and sea salt. Par-bake crust for 3 min.

4. Load up the pizza crust with caramelized onions and cubed cheese. Bake for 8 minutes

5. While pizza is baking, melt remainder of butter in a small pan and fry sage for 3-4 minutes.

6. Remove pizza from oven and drizzle butter sage sauce over crust and toppings. Top pizza with proscuitto and bake for 2-3 more minutes until proscuitto is slightly crispy.


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