Open Letter to Inspiration

Hello there, Inspiration.

I know you’re floating around out there somewhere. Elizabeth Gilbert says are you an entity all your own. I think, deep down, I always knew that; and it seems so right – that you have been just waiting for me to be ready to accept you back.

You feel like an old friend whom I parted ways with, but I want to get to know you again.

I know I’ve been very headstrong in believing I can only write when I’m unhappy. And then, still, I don’t write when I’m unhappy. Clearly there has been something missing.

And I think that “something” was you. I pushed you away. I actually felt that I didn’t deserve you so you kept your distance until – hopefully – now, when I know I deserve to have you back in my life. I’m going to work really hard at accepting whatever you give me, if I feel I’m up to it.

I’m sure someone else has written you an open letter like this already. But they haven’t used my words or my soul to say it just like this. It may not be an original idea, but it is an authentic letter – written to you because I needed you to know I’m still here and I still want your gifts of ideas and magic.

If it’s poetry you want to get written, I can be your girl.

If it’s a blog post, I can be your girl.

If it’s an article about whatever, just tell me – I can be your girl.

Hit me with the tingles or deja vu. Find a way to communicate with me and I promise I will be listening. Choose me.

I miss the nights we used to spend awake until 2:00am in our pjs blogging and writing with all the angst a 17 year old could muster. Let’s get those days back.

Your Old Friend,


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