Welcome to Five One Twenty!

What’s in a Blog Name? As the story goes, my Grandma would call her children in to eat lunch or dinner by yelling “Five one twenty” out the front door. This was her code for “Come in and eat!” or E-A-T and no other kid in the neighborhood knew that code except my mom and her family.
Now, I associate that phrase with love, family, and good eats. And that just happens to be what this blog is about.

That’s me and my Grandmother pictured above. I spent a lot of time as a child with her and my Grandpa. From them I learned a lot about caring for those you love, being honest and good, cooking, and making time for the fun things in life. In a way, this blog is dedicated to them.

As for me…

Well, I’m Heidi and I’ll “be thirty next year” as my boyfriend says. Within the last 6 months, I really found that joy and purpose fill me when I’m in the kitchen. There’s something about whipping up a good stir-fry and serving it to the One I love on a pretty dish that makes me happy! Especially when he says things like “I could eat this every day and be content” – sure Honey, but thanks!


In addition to the Kitchen stuff, you’ll find lots about the adventures we take with our dog, Indy. We are blessed to live in a city where dogs are very welcomed patrons of restaurants and stores.

I’m excited to share this Pasadena/Los Angeles lifestyle and cooking blog with you.

Thanks for joining me on the adventure!




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